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Gravel, Gatherings, & Animal Sponsorships!


From finishing our gravel campaign to launching our animal sponsorship program, it's been a great summer so far!

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Bear Dec nb_Doug.JPG

Nova, and Charley, and Bear, Oh My!


Our newest rescues, a new observation deck, and caretaker news!

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Our Work Continues


Our first projects for 2024, Nova gets a pen mate!

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Get the 411 on The 401 Girls
401 girls.JPG

Photo by Scott Mann

Warwick wolfdogs now living their best lives at The Red---read here!

From on the run to the '401 Run': Ohio sanctuary readies to receive Warwick wolf dogs

Story in the Providence Journal---read here!

'Fresh start:' Warwick wolf dogs start their new life in Ohio in the '401 Run'

Read the follow-up story in the Providence Journal here!

Ohio wolfdog sanctuary builds massive enclosure for ‘black coyotes’

Read the WPRI story here!

The Red thanks RI with a street sign! Read the story here!

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