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The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6)

Meet the Ambassadors


Nancy is our Chief Ambassador. She's a mid-content (66% wolf) female, who's one part curious, one part shy, and totally adorable! Through special training and socialization, Nancy will be able to help educate people about the truth regarding wolfdogs as well as inspire them to learn more about their unique care and husbandry! She can often be seen "supervising" from her guest pen on volunteer days. She is not for adoption



Porsche belongs to staff member Braden Matt. She is just about 11 years old and Embarked at 31% wolf with a mix of Malamute, German Shephard and Husky. Before Braden adopted her, she was trained as a therapy dog, which no doubt has contributed to her disposition today. She's an absolute sweetheart, very calm, very quiet and is one of the most gentle loving souls.

Our guests always love seeing Porsche when she is present at one of our events.


Leyra belongs to our Head Caretaker Douglas Glidden. She is Embarked at 50.5 % Grey Wolf, with Malamute and German Shepherd. She is one of the sweetest and most loving creatures! It's no wonder then that our guests have loved interacting with her. Leyra has appeared at some of our larger events. 

Photo by Douglas Glidden

Layra 2.jpg


Age: 2 years old
Content: Mid-content wolfdog
Status: Not for adoption

Anubis is Spike’s beautiful, smaller brother.  He is very shy and skittish and doesn’t seem to like women.  He is already fond of two male members of the Red Staff but he will need work. He came from the Ohio rescue and had no socialization.  But he too is settling in well. 

Photo by Douglas Glidden

Apollo Don

Age: 2 years old
Content: High-content wolfdog
Status: Not available for adoption

Apollo Don was rescued from the same situation as his pen mates Aspen and Sage, and rejoined them at The Red. He is skittish and fearful, but he shows an interest in people, and we are hopeful we will be able to connect with him. 

Photo by Douglas Glidden

Aspen (2).jpg


Age: 2 years old
Content: High-content wolfdog
Status: Aspen is a sanctuary only animal for now

Aspen was rescued with Sage.  He is very timid and shy.  He prefers the safety of his house when people are present.  But he is slowly spending more time in the yard and on his platform.  

Photo by Douglas Glidden


Birthday: 2-17-17
Content: 20.6% Gray Wolf
Status: Adoptable to an experienced home with Bree

Bosco was found as a stray in South Carolina. He came into rescue via animal control and was originally thought to be a permanent sanctuary animal. Over time, Bosco warmed up to certain people and other dogs. Bosco lives with his buddy Bree and enjoys toys, water, and scent rolling everything. 

Photo by Douglas Glidden



Birthday: 3-22-19

Content: 56% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable to an experienced home with Bosco

Bree and her siblings were part of a large rescue from a breeder in crisis. Bree and her litter were extremely under socialized and ended up being more work than some adopters could handle. After being returned to her rescue, she shined when paired with social male wolfdogs. She's still shy, but gains courage with the support of Bosco. 


Birthday: 12-21-14 

Content: Low-content wolfdog

Status: Adoptable


D'Artagnan came to sanctuary with his aunt Tallah from an illegal state. He is the most outgoing of the pair and warms up to certain people. D'Artagnan's most distinguishing feature is his striking blue eyes, most likely from his husky genes. 



Age: 4 years, 11 months old 

Content: 13.4% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable to an experienced home


Finn came with Lava as a part of the same home rescue.  He is also underweight, but is settling in. He is the more dominate of the two boys and is still being evaluated.

Photo by Douglas Glidden


Birthday: 9-19-19

Content: 30.5% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable


Jackson was transferred from another sanctuary that could not place him in a home due to state regulations. He is a perfect example of a pet quality wolfdog due to his love of new friends and new smells. 

Photo by Douglas Glidden



Age: 8 years, 11 months old

Content: 35.2% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable


Lava came from an unfortunate situation where his owner became too ill to care for him.  He is underweight and needs time to get healthy but he is a friendly boy.  Lava is a lovely boy, a sweet gentle soul that the Red Staff has fallen in love withHe and his pen mate are still being evaluated.

Photo by Douglas Glidden


Birthday: 2-2-18

Content: 40% Gray Wolf  

Status: Adoptable - possibly could be paired with a large, well-balanced, male dog

Luna was born in a shelter in Washington state after her mother was seized by animal control. She found a home, but was returned to her rescue when the adopter's life situation changed. She's a spunky 4 year old that loves people, yet has no idea of her size. 

Luna 2.JPG


Birthday: 7-25-16  

Content: Mid-content wolfdog

Status: Adoptable  - only pet home


Mesa came into rescue with her dad and aunt; she originally came from  AE Kennels in Florida. She was adopted as a puppy but later returned to her rescue due to her owner relocating. Mesa is bouncy, smart, and outgoing. She loves water, burying toys, and treats. 

Photo by Desirae Pence


Age: 2 years old  

Content: High-content wolfdog

Status: Sage is a sanctuary only animal for now


Sage came to The Red with Aspen, who she shares an enclosure with. She is very curious and brave.  She is very active.

Photo by Douglas Glidden

Sassy (2).JPG


Age: 6 years old  

Content: 29.2% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable


Sassy is a sweet little girl that had a rough start to her 2022.  But 2023 is looking bright. She came to The Red with her brother (same litter) Solaris.

Photo by Douglas Glidden


Age: 6 years old

Content: Low content wolfdog

Status: Adoptable

Like his sister Sassy, Solaris had a rough 2023, but he’s settling in and just takes a little time to warm up.

Photo by Douglas Glidden



Age: 2 years old  

Content: Mid-content wolfdog

Status: Not for adoption


Spike is a beautiful boy that picks who he likes but he loves hard. He came from a rescue situation in Ohio where he wasn’t socialized, and he lived in a garage enclosure.  Spike will need some patience and work, but he is very clearly happy in his new home at the Red! 

Left-hand photo in collage by Douglas Glidden


Age: 8 years old

Content: Low content wolfdog

Status: Adoptable

Tallah and her relatives were sent to sanctuary from an illegal state. She is shy yet curious and will overcome any reservations for the right treat. She is an excellent den digger and sometimes builds extra rooms for her nephew, D'Artagnan.



Birthday: 3-26-19 

Content: 56% Gray Wolf

Status: Adoptable


Tilly and her litter came into rescue through an abuse/neglect investigation. She was adopted but came back to rescue due to an owner's change in living circumstances. Tilly is shy but warms up with the help of her companion, Jackson.

Photo by Douglas Glidden

Wiley & Willow
(aka The 401 Girls)

Age: 6 months old 


Willow: 44.5% Grey Wolf'

Wiley: 57% Grey Wolf

Status: Currently not for adoption


The famous “401 girls, otherwise known as the Rhode Island black coyotes, were wrongly labeled coyotes by DNR but it was quickly learned that they are adolescent wolfdogs. These girls were abused and neglected in an illegal state for wolfdogs, but they were met with love by Warwick Animal Control, the Warwick Animal Shelter, the Mayor, and the residents of Rhode Island, all of whom contributed to their safe capture, care and transport to The Red. They are already settling in nicely and bonding with our caretakers. Welcome home girls!

Photo by Karen Tracy

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