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Another Walk with the Wolfdogs event coming this September! Watch this space for details!

Other cool stuff!

Private Tours & Camping!


Tours are an hour and 15 minutes long and would include an educational walk through with our experienced animal handlers or caretakers.  You will learn about wolfdogs as you tour our facility of 22 beautiful animals!


Meet and have the opportunity to engage with an ambassador animal to finish your tour.  Cost: $100 for up to 5 people.  $10 for each additional person.  


Your private tour fee is completely supporting our animals.   


Camping at The Red!

We have a camping hut with cots that await. Just bring your sleeping bags or pitch your own tent. It sits up on a hillside next to our pretty pond. Just across a row of trees and the rushing stream are the wolfdogs.  Fall asleep to their howls. Wake early to their howls. Hike the property.  Enjoy a private evening tour.


Details: Dry camping only. Porta Potty by the barn. Pack in and pack out your own food and trash.

Cost: $125 for 2 people

To book a private tour or camping session,


"My daughter and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of our stay at the Hagan Hut at the Red Riding Hood rescue sanctuary.  The canvas tent with cots and mattresses was comfortable on a fall evening, but it's the property that is truly memorable.  We toured the facility to see the rescued wolfdogs, walked the forested paths down to a beautiful creek, and loved hearing the residents howl at night!  Since we only stayed one night, we packed chili and hot chocolate in thermoses with a picnic blanket for dinner, and enjoyed playing cards in the hut after dark (bring a battery-operated lantern).  My middle-schooler said in the morning, "I don't want to leave!"  She loved the wolfdogs, but loved talking to the staff members and volunteers just as much.  Everyone at the Red is so friendly and welcoming.  We will definitely be back!" 
Erin Armstrong

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