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Our Founders

Colin Vogt - Co-Founder

I am an engineer at GE Aviation, designing and building the next generation of jet engines which are quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient.  Hobbies include riding long distances on a bicycle, volunteering at church, building renewable energy systems and integrating energy efficiency into buildings.  I support my wife Susan at the Red through maintenance and mechanical projects.  Watch for solar at The Red!  I am also very interested in restoring the 1860’s barn on the property.  Like Sue, my life was enriched by knowing and working with Porter the wolfdog and I look forward to engaging with animals like him who have so much to give to all of us.

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Susan Vogt
Co-Founder & Board President

In addition to serving as President of The Red, I’m the owner and president of a leading job fair company in the United States, and I bring a love for creative thinking, idea sharing, promotions and events to my role at The Red! I am a dedicated mom to three wolfdogs, a high-content named Yicha, and two mid-contents named Theran and Ayoni. I rescued my low content rescue Porter (who has since gone over the rainbow bridge) after his former owner kept him on a chain for the first six years of his life. He ended up changing my life. He is responsible for planting the first seed about The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project! In addition to my wolfdogs, I’m also a mom to two awesome human kids, two normal puppy dogs, and three cats! My heart is full!

Our Board

Susan Austin

I am a twelve-year board member and past president of the Humane Society of Boone County (HSBC). I’m currently the Executive Director (paid position) at HSBC. I’m a companion to Kaya (thirteen) and Anna (six), and many, many mutts.

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Nick Hof

I have more than ten years of experience training dogs and working with other species. I am a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy and a past chair for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. My partner and I share our home with a loveable St. Bernard named Fezzik and our two cats. I have attended many seminars and workshops at Wolf Park in Indiana over the last 15 years, including their Advanced Trainer Workshop. This has given me a lot of direct contact and experience working with their wolves as well as some incredible memories.

Amy Noland - Treasurer

I live in northern Kentucky. I graduated college from University of Kentucky (LCC) in 2002 with a degree in Environmental Science, and I worked in the telecom industry for fifteen years before moving toward entrepreneurship. I currently own five tax and accounting practices in the Tri-state. I’ve been a supporter of animal advocacy all of my life, and I’ve fostered and assisted many organizations in aid of bettering animals’ lives. In 2020, Wilbur the French bulldog (and current mayor of Rabbit Hash, Ky) and I raised over $13,000 for the town, and we continue to help raise money and supplies for any passionate group in need.

Amy Noland.jpg

Paulina Romanelli
Vice President & Senior Staff Member

I’ve worked with wolfdogs in a sanctuary setting for the past four years but I’ve worked with dogs most of my life. I have been the Vice President of Full Moon Farm for three years, acquiring my own little pack along the way. I live in Western North Carolina with my husband, my four-year-old daughter, two bull terriers and a grey kitty. Sorry, between the kid and the dogs, I don't have any interesting hobbies or fancy certifications to brag about—I enjoy 4 hours of sleep a night and dog transports without inclement weather!

Kelly A. Eston-Thacher

My love of wolfdogs was born in my love for Porter, who belonged to the Vogts, and who I wrote a book about. I've never experienced a connection like that with an animal that wasn't my own. It has been my great honor to serve The Red remotely as the Website Administrator, and Grants Coordinator, as well as Board Secretary. I"m currently a freelance content writer, as well as the author of short stories and novels. When I'm not writing, I also love to bake and knit. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two cats, and we look forward to volunteering on property whenever we visit. 

Our Staff & Caretakers

Jaye Costello
Staff Member

After 26 years working in IT for a local healthcare organization, I decided it was time to find new adventures.  I heard there was a place near where I live that was having a tour to learn about wolfdogs and decided to check it out.  I knew nothing about wolfdogs at that point; but came away from that event in love, and awe, with what the Red Riding Hood Rescue Project was about.  I checked out another event and realized this was something I wanted to be a part of. I currently have 2 rescue dogs (adopt, don’t shop) and love doing things with them.  Outside of that I enjoy cycling, checking out new places, and trying new things.


Sam Dominello
Staff Member

I am an engineer who pretends to understand computers for a living. In free time, I enjoy playing all kinds of music and games with friends and diving into horror stories. I loved the dogs I grew up with, so it was not a difficult decision to make when a coworker first invited me to spend time outside all day around wolfdogs. The dogs here are a little bigger than the ones I’m used to though, and I’m told not to expect any wolf/Lhasa mixes soon. It’s a joy spending time with the dogs at The Red and seeing their personalities come out as they warm up to people.

Douglas Glidden
Head Caretaker & Land Manager

I have had a broad career experience that includes the food industry, as well as the entertainment industry as a host and producer of KYGT – The Goat radio station in Clear Creek, Idaho for fifteen years. I am also a professional photographer who loves the outdoors. I spent seventeen seasons working for the rafting industry in Clear Creek, and I was an ATV guide for three years. While living off the grid in Colorado, I started my own wolfdog rescue and lived with over twenty wolfdogs over those years. There is nothing like being here to care for sixteen wolfdogs including mine knowing they are here because someone saved them from situations of neglect and abuse so they could have the life they deserve. I am honored to be here at The Red with my companion Karen to continue to make a positive difference. 

Doug 2.jpg

Jenn Grisham

I’m originally from Pueblo, Colorado, and I’m an animal lover with a special fondness for our canine companions and wolves. I worked as a kennel technician for Yancey County humane society in Burnsville North Carolina. Later, as a volunteer for Full Moon Farm wolfdog sanctuary in Black Mountain North Carolina I was able to build relationships with the animals there. In fact, I adopted my wolf dog Ruger from there in 2020. My love for wolf dogs began when a roommate had a wolf dog named Ash who lived with me for 3 years, until I lost him to cancer. I started volunteering at the wolfdog sanctuary after his passing and have loved and cherished every moment and every animal. I’m excited and blessed to be a part of this incredible place and work with the animals here, as well as the incredible people. Outside of work, I enjoy paddle boarding, boating, ATV adventures, hiking and spending time in nature.

Tara Lay
Volunteer Enrichment and Programming

I love animals more than just about anything! I have been passionate about wildlife and conservation since I was very young, and I always dreamed of working with wildlife, especially wolves. My educational background is in environmental science, with a focus in biology. I worked my way up from an intern to a senior keeper at Red Wolf Sanctuary, where I care for a variety of species and over 75 residents! That is where I began gaining experience with large carnivores and had my first opportunity to really work with wolves, and I have been hooked ever since. I have also been a part of three different departments within Cincinnati Zoo, ranging from their interpretive and ambassador collection animals to African hoof stock to the North America department! I am currently a keeper in the North America department, where I care for Mexican gray wolves, manatees, foxes, and otters. I have the privilege of working with an incredibly endangered species of wolf and the individuals I care for are a part of a recovery program. In addition to my love for wildlife, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and activities such as scuba diving, backpacking, kayaking and hiking! I also am a bit of a gym rat and I really love the aerial arts. Reach out to me, as I love to talk about all things animal and fitness! Cheers!


Daniel Marmer
Staff Member


I served in the United States Army Medical Corp directly after graduating from the University of Cincinnati.  My 40-year career in clinical and research laboratory medical technology focused in the fields of immunology, hematology and infectious diseases. I worked at Brooke Army Medical Center, Arkansas Children's Hospital, University of Cincinnati Medical Center and retired from Cincinnati Children's Hospital in 2013.  Since my retirement, I’ve expanded my hobby as a woodturner creating unique hand-crafted wood products inspired by nature, including the sign and coasters (I've been making these for several years with various logos and the RRH logo was an obvious addition to create) I made for The Red. When I delivered the sign and Susan gave me a tour, that's when I decided to volunteer and support the sanctuary's wonderful mission.

Braden Matt
Staff Member

Professionally, I work as a visual development artist/concept artist in the video game industry. I've worked in gaming, film, and animation for around fifteen years now and currently work for a gaming company in Over The Rhine called Gylee Games. I was first introduced to wolfdogs about sixteen years ago when I was having my malamute trained by a breeder of wolfdogs and white German Shepherds. When I first saw them, my jaw dropped and I have been mesmerized by their beauty ever since. Many years later I finally got to rescue a pair from Florida. Today I have just one named Porsche who I adopted close to four years ago. In addition to my full-time job and walking Porsche two hours a day, my hobbies include cycling, bonsai, gardening, landscape design and woodworking.


Eric McCleary
Intake Coordinator

I have always been an animal lover and have developed a passion for native wildlife species over time. I have a degree in wildlife, sustainability, and ecosystem sciences with a concentration in captive wildlife management. My goal is to help educate people on the wildlife in their area and the role they can play in conservation. I have a special interest in training via operant conditioning and have some experience starting new training programs or strengthening existing skills with dogs, goats, pigs, parrots, tortoises, and emus. Born and raised in Texas, I moved all the way to Ohio after graduating from Tarleton State University for the opportunity to work at The Red and learn about these unique animals. I enjoy hiking, camping, wildlife photography, birding, and just generally spending time outdoors.

Charles Miller
Staff Member - Community Outreach

My first experience with wolfdogs was when I was working with the Society of Indian Missions ministry in SD. I had two puppies: Yuwipi (I called her Angel) and Cokata Hiyupo (I called him Skeeter, or "little bug"). I started volunteering at The Red in July 2023, and I thoroughly enjoy working alongside the other volunteers for the long-term well-being of the puppies. Professionally, my background as a pastor and missionary began with my undergraduate studies, and continued in my work with inner city missions and Cambodian refugee children in Cincinnati. I am currently involved in ministry at Eastgate Baptist Church in Cincinnati. My wife Elaine and I live in Milford, OH, and we have 3 adult children. I look forward to seeing all the good things yet to come at The Red.

Desirae 8.jpg

Desirae Pence
Staff Member

I have been a lover of animals since I was a little girl, especially canines. I had volunteered and fostered for shelters for years and more recently have been able to volunteer again. I met Susan Vogt through my sister Brittany, and met her wolfdogs. Loving these animals is a feeling I won’t ever forget. I’m so grateful to be part of the work going on at The Red. I hope to learn even more and support their efforts to help educate people about wolfdogs.

Mike Pflieger
Staff Member & Master Builder

I am a lifelong outdoorsman and animal lover with a special affinity for dogs, wolves, loons, and, now, WOLFDOGS!!  I am a retired USAF veteran, retired military contractor, and retired self-employed handyman. Just when I was settling in to being just a grumpy old Grandpa I met Susan and her Red Riding Hood dream. That has opened up a whole new awesome chapter in my life.  I love tools, working with my hands, and building and fixing stuff.

312603911_10225730094451708_1680846448156174049_n (1).jpg

Nick Rodriguez
Staff Member

Howdy! In June 2023 I came from Texas to The Red to work with the wolfdogs. I have had dogs in the house for about 30 years, and once even a Dalmatian named Chief, but mostly Border collie mixes—nothing quite like these wolfdogs! I also have a cat named Dragonzord. I cook professionally and love games, whether it’s foosball, video games, card games, or fetch with the puppies! Learning to care for the wolfdogs, as well as how to build and maintain facilities continues to be a great experience for me.

Anne Scott
Staff Member

I work for an overhead crane company and am a member of Middletown Dog Training Club. I enjoy traveling, gardening, and getting together with family. I have always been an animal lover, an advocate for the preservation of wildlife and a supporter of animal rescue organizations.  Each of my seven dogs has been rescued/adopted from unique situations and each one has taught me many lessons in patience, respect, and love. I live locally with my Dutch Shepherd mix, Catahoula mix and Pocket Pit. My first wolfdog encounter was over 10 years ago at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado and was a life-changing experience.  I learned about The Red from my son, when he asked if I knew about the new wolfdog rescue in Middletown. Volunteering has been an opportunity to experience these magnificent creatures once again, and a true gift! I’m excited about caring for the wolfdogs at The Red, participating in new enrichment programs, educating the public about these beautiful animals.

Anne Scott.jpg

Sara Wilson
Staff Member

In addition to volunteering for over 10 years as a volunteer at various shelters, and my experience training dogs, I am very passionate about wolf conservation, and I’ve visited other wolf & wolfdog rescues in the past. The Red has been an amazing opportunity to actively help these amazing creatures. I love the Red not only for the wolf dogs, but for the wonderful volunteers and staff who spend endless hours dedicating their time to the rescue. A lifelong resident of Cincinnati, I hold a BFA from Xavier University. I’m currently a Montessori teacher, a freelance photographer, and mom to two lovable Huskies.

Our Volunteers

Scott Lanphier

I’m a licensed Civil and Traffic Engineer, as well as a certified Floodplain Manager. My interest in canines began at a very early age with childhood and adolescence pets. My interest in wolves was sparked by the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park in the mid 1990’s. Since then, I’ve been passionate about wolf conservation, education, and preservation. I heard about The Red through another Facebook group of which Susan was an admin; and when she posted a fundraiser for the waterline project at The Red in that group, the engineer in me said this is something I need to help with!  I live in Livermore, CA with my two dogs, Casey, a 7-year-old Husky/Golden Retriever/Collie mix, and Nora, 6 y/o American Black Lab.

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