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We are located on 20 acres in Middletown, OH that provides a peaceful and serene setting for wolfdogs in need of rescue and sanctuary. 

Rescue. Sanctuary. Education.

The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project is a USDA licensed, Federal Non Profit Corporation that is dedicated to providing rescue, sanctuary, and lifetime support to wolfdogs in need, improving their lives with training and enrichment, and educating to encourage humane treatment and compassion. We believe that all animals are deserving of quality care in a safe and loving environment that offers physical and mental enrichment. Our goal is to help dispel the myths surrounding wolfdogs and wolves through community education and to inspire greater empathy and understanding for these often misunderstood animals.​

Beginnings: A Legacy of Love

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On a cold day just before Christmas in 2013, the owner of a wolfdog named Porter, who had kept the animal on a 30-foot chain for the first six years of his life, had decided to move away. When no home could be found for Porter, the owner called a mobile vet to end his life.

​Fortunately for Porter, and for RRH Founder and rescuer of Porter Susan Vogt, that vet refused to end his life. Porter passed away in August of 2021, but his legacy of love remains. Susan says rescuing and caring for him over eight years is what inspired her to start a wolfdog sanctuary. "He's the reason for all of this," she says. "It all began with him."

Read Porter's story! Click here to get your copy. 100% of the proceeds go to Red Riding Hood Rescue Project.

Susan later adopted Theran, which means "to hunt" from Full Moon Farms Wolfdog Sanctuary.

In early 2022, Susan rescued Ayoni, which means "bringer of joy", from a life on the street, and a dismal fate of certain death at a high-kill shelter.


Finally, meet Yicha! While she's not a rescue, Susan got her as a puppy to be Porter's first friend, and she's a cherished member of the pack.


​Porter's legacy is strong, and lives on through Susan's other wolfdogs, and now The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project.

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