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Urgent Projects

Perimeter Fence Project

We have a delicate matter; for the safety of our animals, we need a privacy fence on our back property. This will also help as a sound barrier. It’s 450 feet of fencing. Materials alone are about $7,000. We need to contract out the labor due to the size of the project and urgency. All of our volunteers will be working hard as well to remove honeysuckle in preparation for this project. We are trying to raise $12,000. This has become a top priority for the animals! Good fences make good neighbors


(photo by Douglas Glidden)

Bring Remus to The Red!

We're raising money to bring a wolf hybrid from Washington State to The Red. He has an interesting story that deserves a happy ending. Remus is the offspring of a wild pairing from Canada, where a male wolf got to an unaltered German Shepherd. A 501c3 pulled him, with a foster lined up, thinking he was a low content. That foster didn't work out and he has been fostered long term until a facility could be found. Our sweet Nova needs a pen mate to bring her out of her shell. We think Remus will be perfect for her. Any donation will help make an impact. 


Your help with everyday care for our animals--food, enrichment, and ongoing vet care--is always appreciated! 

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You can also Venmo us at @redridinghoodrescueproject-red

Other ways to help

Sponsor A Wolfdog!

To Sponsor one of our beautiful wolfdogs, and receive a certificate, photo, and more, click HERE!

Grab your copy of Porter's story!
Porter 2 Cover Only.jpg

Porter was Co-founders' Susan and Colin Vogt's rescued wolfdog. He profoundly changed their lives, and he is the inspiration for The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project. Click here to get your copy of his story. 100% of the proceeds go to The Red.







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Donations are needed but there are other ways to help:  Share our page.  Volunteer on work days.  Or take on one of these additional projects:

  • Share our website and FB page on social media

  • Volunteer on work days -- there are always projects around the property

  • Building a party pavilion (like a picnic pavilion but with 3 side walls)


Email us at or message us on Facebook if you or your company can help with any of these projects.

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